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Akashic Records Readings

Looking for guidance or direction?

Get the answers from your Soul!

The Akashic Records are an energetic library for your Soul that reside in the Pleiadian star system. The Records contain every emotion, trauma, decision, action, soul contract, and life lesson you've ever experienced or signed up for across all lifetimes.

Pretty impressive right?

Having access to this wealth of information allows you to heal, grow, and evolve using the information that is unique to you. In other words, the Records are the closest thing you're gonna get to a user manual for being human!

What to expect

My Spirit Guides would tell you to expect nothing because an open mind is more receptive to magic, miracles, and messages.

My human self knows that level of trust might be asking a little too much if you haven't met me before. So what I can tell you is that in addition to receiving wisdom, answers, clarity, and guidance, you may also receive downloads, activations, energy clearings, energy healings, and blessings.

Each reading is Spirit-led so you'll receive exactly what you need and you can always ask for what you desire.

Image by Ian Schneider

"It was my first experience with the Akashic Records and I came away feeling curious, open-minded, and playfully energized. What a beautiful way to zoom out and learn more about myself through a different lens than I usually have access to. I felt cared for throughout and I can't wait to dive into this realm of exploration again in the future."

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Not sure what to ask the Records?
See if any of these questions make you feel curious

  • What did I come to learn in this lifetime?

  • What limiting beliefs or behaviors are keeping me from [insert desire]?

  • What is [insert experience, habit, or person] teaching me?

  • What do I need to understand or accept about myself in order to love myself completely?

  • What blocks or limitations are preventing me from [insert desire]?

  • What would enhance my life [physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually]?

  • How can I resolve the issues I’m having with [insert person or situation]?

  • Why haven’t I [insert desire] yet?

  • What is causing me to feel [insert feeling]?

  • What past life is influencing this current experience or situation?

  • What karma is ready to be released?

  • How can I become [insert desire or desired feeling]?

  • Why do I feel [insert negative feeling]?

  • Why do I feel [insert feeling] about [insert person]?

  • Why do I [insert habit]?

  • What would help me improve my sense of self-worth?

  • How do I create or attract more [insert desire]?

  • Why do I have [physical ailment or health issue]?

  • Why do I keep attracting [insert person, type of person, situation]?

You could also ask for information about a certain part of your life (ex. career, relationship, family, friendship, spirituality, money, health, etc.).

"Tiffany has a natural gift of connecting with the divine and being a channel for sacred wisdom. If you are looking for guidance and clarity in your life, Tiffany is someone who I know you can trust to support and guide you in a loving way."

"This was such a beautiful, reassuring reading. It brought joy, peace, healing, and insight into my life. I’m so grateful I did it. I can see myself doing it again in the future. Thank you. ❤️"

"Receiving an Akashic reading from Tiffany made me feel seen and helped validate some of my experiences. I received some direction & clarity around my healing journey, as well as a couple of concrete tools to aid along the way."

Book a reading

Can't wait? Me either!

Sometimes schedules don't always align, so I have two options for you.

You can book either a live reading or a recorded reading.

If you book a live reading, your 55-minute interactive reading will be held via Zoom video conferencing. These readings are conversational in nature which means you may ask additional clarifying questions. You have the option to record your reading or it may be recorded for you (if requested).

If you book a recorded reading, you'll schedule a time slot and I'll channel an audio recording of your Akashic Records reading for you at that time. You'll submit 3-5 questions during the booking process since you will not attend the reading. Any healings, clearings, or additional guidance that comes through during your session will also be included in your recorded session. Your recording will be as long as it needs to be. That means it may be more or less than the 55 minutes depending on how long it takes to receive the guidance that's perfect for you.

Use the button below to find a time for either a live or recorded reading.

Akashic Records Reading - $300

"This is life-changing."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record the session? Absolutely! There is a lot of information that comes through in a reading, so you're more than welcome to take notes or record the session. If you don't have a way to record the session on your end, I can record it for you.

I'm curious, but I don't totally know what questions to ask? I got you! These readings are conversational and I'm here to support you in finding the answers you seek. Take a look at the example questions above or ask yourself what piece of information would make the biggest difference for you right now. If we need to talk it out a bit to land on exactly what you're looking for, that's totally ok!

What if my questions change between now and my session? That wouldn't surprise me one bit. Even just signing up for a session will tell your Spirit Guides that you're open to receiving wisdom and direction. A couple of things may start to fall into place and we can figure out the rest when we meet. If you booked a written reading, please submit any question changes via email ( at least 12 hours in advance of your session. 

What are the written reports like? The reports tend to be around 8 handwritten pages long (don't worry - I have teacher-like handwriting that is very easy to read). The report includes responses to your questions as well as any general guidance, symbols, or imagery that may come through. I will also make a note of any practices or actions that the Guides may ask of you as well as any clearings or healing that we perform on your behalf.

How do I know if this is the right thing for me? Trust your intuition my love! The things we debate in our mind are often things that we want (or don't want) to do and we just have a little bit of fear wrapped around the decision. Go for a walk to clear your head or ask your Spirit Guides to send you a sign if you feel on the fence. A clear mind and an open heart will help you decide what's aligned for you at this time.

What if I change my mind after I book my reading and decide I no longer need it? You're totally allowed to change your mind. However, your payment is non-refundable. If you'd like, you can gift your session to a friend or family member instead.

What if I don't get the answers I'm looking for? Too bad... Just kidding! If you're unhappy with the session, I encourage you to speak up during the reading or send me an email (if you received a written reading). If we decide this was not the right fit for you, I will give you a full refund.

Want to know a little more about me first? Click here and see if I'm your kind of person

Got more questions? Email me at

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