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A little about me. I'm a ...

Human Design: 3/5 self-projected Projector
Astrology: Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon, Aquarius Rising
Star origins: Pleiadian Starseed (no surprise there, right?)
Numerology: My life path number is 6
Gene Keys: slightly obsessed - way too much info to list here
Enneagram: Pretty sure I'm a 5

Primary intuitive gifts: clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience
Other gifts: ability to see the big picture and shift perspectives
Vibe: empowering and sweet

Alchemy practitioner: trained in the real deal process, not just the buzzword
Energy healing: Reiki attuned & light language infusions
Life coach: Whole Person Coach certified through Coach Training World

Who I've learned from (mentors & teachers):

Michelle Hawk at Joy of Energy
Ashley Wood at A Line Within
Kathrin Zenkina at Manifestation Babe
Lacy Phillips at To Be Magnetic
Gina DeVee at Divine Living
Mike Dooley at The Universe Talks

Bonus fun facts:
My favorite holiday is Halloween - I LOVE costuming!
I write and channel every single day #morningpages
I'm a dog mom with Dave (my life partner of 10+ years)
I've been apprenticing with a Shaman for the last 9 years
I LOVE to travel and have a special place in my heart for road trips

Enough about me. Book a reading and let's learn about you!
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