Intuitive. Intellectual. Certified.

After spending 15 years climbing the corporate ladder as a Certified Public Accountant, Tiffany decided to follow that little whisper that said she was meant to do more. Her heart led her to the powerful work that she does now as an intuitive energy healer, coach and facilitator. Tiffany believes that part of our human journey is uncovering and living our truth. 


Tiffany's love for knowledge has also led her to become a teacher and guide. She loves sharing the personal development and spiritual practices that she has found to be most beneficial in her own journey. She wants you to have the tools to be the best version of yourself!


Tiffany believes:

  • We are energetic beings living a human experience.

  • We have the ability to heal ourselves.

  • We are powerful creators that can learn how to master the Universal Laws (ex. law of attraction) to manifest the reality we desire.

  • We live in an abundant and loving Universe.

  • We have the ability to communicate and co-create with our spirit teams (Higher Self, Spirit, Guides & Ancestors).

  • In mutual respect, curiosity and being open minded.

Tiffany is a certified I AM Alchemy practitioner. This year long certification and mentorship program was completed with Michelle Hawk through the Joy of Energy. She earned her Whole Person Coaching certification through Coach Training World. Tiffany is Usui Shiki Royho Reiki attuned and has taken multiple courses to develop her intuitive abilities. She is also certified as an Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams Trainer and has studied the Law of Attraction for over a decade.  


When she’s not coaching, Tiffany can be found running through the streets and trails of Portland, writing in a coffee shop or spending time with Dave (her life partner) and Max (their four-legged fur baby).

(503) 850 - 8384

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