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Bold Agreements

The work that we are about to begin together has great potential. In order to make the most of it, I ask you to please read through each of the bold agreements below. By showing up, we are both agreeing to be in alignment with each of these items for the highest good of our work together.

Our coaching container is a space where...

You are allowed to be your most authentic self. That includes bringing all of your gifts, strengths, fears, and beliefs to the table. This is space where you can be fully seen and heard without the presence of judgment.
You are invited to lean into the power and potential of coaching and energetic healing. You will be seen and heard in ways that you may have not previously experienced. This is a space where vulnerability and authenticity take top priority.
Your Higher Self, Spirit Team and personal spirituality are always invited to have a seat at the table. Together we will allow our magic and inner wisdom to lead the way. I also trust that this work is bigger than both of us, so you are welcome to invite any and all spiritual support of the highest good that feels appropriate and aligned with your own beliefs.
You will be supported in finding the answers that are within. I will help you to connect to your own inner wisdom for guidance because I believe you know your truth best. I will also offer resources, guidance and practices for support.
Emotions are welcomed, encouraged and part of the process. By expressing them, you are not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. You are whole, resourceful and fully capable of all that you desire, and your emotions are beautiful messengers that we will use as guides.
You have been conditioned to act, live and be a certain way. By committing to this work, you are allowing yourself to choose differently. I invite you to bring awareness to the moments in your life when fear or conditioning may be limiting your potential so that you can return to love and your limitless potential as a quantum creator.
You may be lovingly challenged because I believe in your highest potential. That means there may be times where I will ask your permission to share something that might be uncomfortable to hear. You may also be invited to take actions that seemed too scary before we started working together. This is always intended to be for your highest good and never meant to cause harm.
I take full responsibility for creating the coaching container. However, I will not be responsible for what happens within the container. You are responsible for yourself and the work that is being asked of you. You will not have to walk the path alone, but I will not do the work for you.

What I ask of you ...

Arrive with intention.
Be open and curious.
Ask for what you need.
Commit to the work and yourself.
Take responsibility for the reality you are creating.

How I will show up for you ...

I will be an advocate for your greatest potential.
I will allow my intuition to lead me and our conversation for the highest good of all.
I will lovingly challenge you to be your most authentic and empowered self.
I am committed to holding space for coaching and energy healing to do its magic.
I am committed to continuing my own education and personal work.

Ethical responsibility

As a licensed member of the International Coaching Federation, I am committed to the Code of Ethics outlined here.
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