A Unique Women's Circle Experience

The next breakfast will be...
Date: May 3, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Location: Online via Zoom!
Topic: Introduce Your Future Self
This is a heart centered gathering for spiritual women who want to feel connected, nourished and inspired.
Friendships are being created and lives are being transformed.
Attire: you are invited to get dressed up or wear whatever makes your soul happy
What to bring: a journal, open heart and curious mind
Investment: $35
2020 Breakfast Dates: January 12, March 8, May 3, July 12, September 13, November 8
Tickets are non-refundable and only valid for the breakfast date purchased.
If you are unable to attend, you can transfer your ticket to someone else through Eventbrite.
What to expect: 
This is a safe space for you to share, explore and be yourself. 
Conversation is semi-structured and supportive. We connect through partner and small group conversations. You will receive thought provoking questions and a mini-teaching on the topic of conversation to consider throughout the experience.
Intention and ceremony are woven into every element. Meditation, oracle cards and other spiritual practices are also incorporated.
This is a healing, supportive and nourishing environment created with introverts, extroverts and empaths all in mind.​
Past topics:
Introducing your future self
What is your wildly unrealistic goal?
What does it mean to be a spiritual woman in today's world?
Ground rules:
We are curious and open hearted.
We are respectful of our individual journeys.
This is a judgement free zone (including for yourself).
We ask for permission to provide suggestions or recommendations.
We are not broken and it is safe to express our emotions.
We ask for what we need.
How do you know if this is the right experience for you? 
Meditate or journal on it
Ask your heart, gut or intuition
Ask your Higher Self, Spirit or your Spirit Guides
Ask for guidance from your Oracle / Tarot cards or your pendulum
Use your own personal method, ceremony or ritual to figure out if it is in alignment with your highest & greatest good
"Breakfast with Tiffany is the most powerful event I've been to in a long time. There is no way to do this event justice in written form, you just need to try it. And know that coming alone is a good thing! It is a great way to connect with new people on a much deeper level."
Melissa Barker
Speaker, Business Coach