Are you ready to Breakthrough?

A transformational 12 month program to take your life & business to the next level

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Are you here to make a difference?

Breakthrough is a multi-dimensional year long program that supports lightworkers, healers, coaches, creatives and mission driven entrepreneurs to experience more freedom, joy, connection and prosperity. 
Remember your own unique truth so you can boldly bring your gifts and service into this world
Break free from old systems and structures to create your own authentic path to success
Use your personal values to grow your business in ways that bring you joy and freedom
Rewrite your money stories so that you can live the lifestyle of you dreams
Tap into your limitless manifestation abilities and feel magical AF
Connect with your intuition and improve your decision making confidence
Ignite the Divine Feminine to balance and harmonize the way you approach your work
Feel connected to a group of individuals who are also on the path of heart inspired service

This coaching, healing & spiritual mentoring program will help you to:

Click to schedule your complimentary 90-minute possibility conversation and see if this is the right program for you
"I've existed in the healing arts/coaching circles for years now and have experienced lot of coaching techniques but Tiffany is different. Perhaps it is her effortless ability to create a beautiful and safe container to explore the depths of things or her intuitive knack for asking the perfect questions, but in one session, my relationship with money completely transformed. Believe it or not, a bunch of unexpected cash came rolling into my bank account the next day. So basically, what I'm trying to say is, Tiffany is magic and she will change your life. I can't recommend her highly enough!"
Katrina Nilsson-Gorman
Nature Mystic, Intuitive Healer & Life Guide
This program might be for you if ...
… you are willing to be open to the work and what it may ask of you
… you have some personal and spiritual development work under your belt
… you are a lover of all things mystical, magical and manifestation related
… you would like to improve your relationship with your intuition/Higher Self
… you are looking to create, expand or up-level your spiritual practices
... you are ready to create a life and business that doesn't fit into the box society wants you to be in
… you are looking for an experienced guide to assist you identifying your authentic path for personal and professional growth, healing & transformation
This program is probably not for you if ...
… you have resistance to self-exploration
… you are unable to create the time and space to be actively engaged with the work
… you are unwilling to take responsibility for your growth and potential
... you have no interest in playing with the themes outlined below
… the idea of talking about or engaging in ritual or ceremony makes you uncomfortable
… you are not interested in working with the Divine (Source/Universe/Higher Self/God/etc.)
… you are looking for someone to give you a blueprint or tell you exactly what to do in order to achieve a specific desired result
Click to schedule your complimentary 90-minute possibility conversation and see if this is the right program for you
"Working with Tiffany is magical. Her guidance has helped me trust the direction I’m going in when it comes to life and business and she always has powerful messages to share with me. After each session I feel calm, clear and at peace. She is a natural healer and is truly making a difference in the world."
Cherie Cox
Intuitive Coach

What you'll experience

12 months of heart centered & intuitively supported growth and transformation
24 private deep dive sessions with Tiffany
Each 60-minute online session may include a combination of coaching, healing and spiritual mentoring
These sessions are held on Zoom (video conferencing) and you will receive access to the recordings
12 monthly group mini-immersions
Each 2 hour mini-immersion may be held LIVE online via Zoom (video conferencing) or in person
Each individual who is currently participating in Breakthrough will be invited to these group mini-immersions
These group mini-immersions may also be co-led by special guest teachers who are experts in their field of study
Mini-immersion topics and experiences are listed below
A Breakthrough workbook containing 24 integration modules
Practices may include journaling prompts, ritual guidance, healing tools and other spiritual practices
Human Design & Astrology
You will receive a personal Human Design report and a personal Astrology report
Information from these reports will be folded into the private deep dive sessions & mini-immersions
Unlimited email support for questions in between classes

Themes of Breakthrough

Slowing Down
Return to Love
Self Love

Mini-Immersion Topics & Experiences*

Human Design
Sound bath
Heart healing reiki circle
Forest bathing
Channeling & Intuition
New / Full Moon circle
Desire Map
Oracle / Tarot Reading
*Schedule of topics & experiences to be released soon
“Tiffany has a soft, subtle and POWERFUL energy. She is the perfect person to help anyone looking to connect with their soul, because that is what she has brought out in me. ”
Jasmine Elise
Holistic Nutritionist, Energy Healer & RTT Hypnotherapist
“Tiffany is truly a gem. Her techniques for channeling energy and her intuitive approach is so unique and relaxing. I had an "aha" breakthrough for something that's been following me for nearly 30 years. It was cleared and revealed (in just one session) in a way that brought so much joy and peace. ”
Brittany Gordien
Quantum Energy Healer & Transformation Coach

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