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Meet Tiffany

My Journey

For the vast majority of my life, I lived by the philosophy “work hard, play harder.” My main focus was on achieving the next best thing that would make me feel like I was enough. As you can imagine, the growing list of achievements was never enough, and I numbed the pain of that truth every single day.

My body ached with pain, hunger, and exhaustion from the constant need to prove myself. Instead of nurturing it back to health, I quieted my discomfort with a steady stream of work, coffee, and alcohol. My desperate need for fulfillment also included a steady consumption of self-help and personal development. I seemed to know at a deeper level that there had to be a better way.

Without realizing what was happening, I experienced a spiritual awakening that slowly and completely dismantled my life. The whispers of my heart grew louder, and my reality became too uncomfortable to ignore.

I walked away from a toxic work environment and the prestigious career my Ego had been striving towards for 15 years. I could no longer sit through the surface-level, fear-based, or complaint-heavy conversations that had saturated my life. My friendships crumbled, my partnership waivered and I felt lost and alone. A divine invitation then led me to release my relationship with alcohol and all hopes of a “normal” social life flew out the window.

I watched as my life burned itself to the ground and from the ashes, I grew a life beyond my wildest dreams. These days my heart is my guide and I only go where she wants to lead me. My body is a temple that has undergone significant repair and rejuvenation. My relationships and friendships are built on a foundation of love, trust, and vulnerability. And the time I spend with my inner circle is more soul-nourishing and supportive than I could’ve ever imagined.

Everyone in my life gets to see and experience the real me. There’s no more shapeshifting into who I think others want me to be. It’s just me, being my true self – all day, every day. Plus, I get to play in the beauty of my life’s work and explore the power of my spiritual gifts (and I get paid to do both!). To me, this is truly living the dream!

Spiritual awakenings are messy and uncomfortable. They are also the pathway to remembering your truth and the fact that we are all connected. My wish for you is that you find an experienced guide that you will invite to walk alongside you on your path of healing and conscious evolution. I also hope that you know that no matter what falls away on the road ahead, there is something rich in love, truth, and freedom that is coming to take its place.
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Being my most authentic self


Ability to do what I want, when I want without fear or limitation


The discovery of who I am and what I am truly capable of


Being in connection with my Soul, Spirit and the greater Collective


My foundation. My truth. My being.


Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

International Coaching Federation

Whole Person Life Coach

Coach Training World

I AM Alchemy Practitioner

Michelle Hawk - Joy of Energy

Usui Shiki Royho Reiki attuned

Michelle Hawk - Joy of Energy

Infinite Possibilities Trainer

Mike Dooley

Master's of Science in Accounting

University of Central Florida


I love spending quality time with Dave, my life partner, and Max, our fur baby. I also love to dance, write, read and learn. Experiences that are bold and vibrant fill my life with joy and I can't get enough of the outdoors. I'm also into all things spiritual and metaphysical - crystals, consciousness, intuition, meditation, shamanic practices, synchronicities, and manifestation. If it gives me the spirit tingles (aka - full body chills), I savor it into my life.
I am also the creator of the Lightworker Diaries. A spiritual blog filled with personal stories, manifestation, healing and intuitive development.
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