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June 10 - July 15

I told you so!

with love,

Your Intuition

Have you ever wished you would've listened to yourself?
You're not alone my friend!
You’ve been conditioned for decades to look for solutions outside yourself and to always follow the logical path.
It’s not your fault that you don’t trust yourself.
You were taught not to.
But if you're anything like me, you just know when you know things, and those things are becoming harder to ignore now that you've started to wake up.

Are you ready to trust yourself?

Join us for Intuition Summer Camp!

This 6-week online adventure will teach you how to know, love, and trust yourself.
All it takes is a little practice and trust to connect with your inner guidance. Intuition Summer Camp is the place to be to get both. Plus, you’ll be in a community with other like-hearted souls who share your love for all things spiritual.
Together we will explore the 3 pillars of intuitive development.
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Your intuition is the gateway to health, wealth, happiness, connection, and freedom!

The Details

Dates: Thursdays from June 10 - July 15

Time: Noon - 1:00 pm PDT

Location: Zoom (video conferencing)

Each session is interactive and you'll be given practices to work with in between sessions. You'll also receive access to the session recordings.

All you need to bring is a journal.


If you have other intuitive tools that you like to play with (ex. oracle cards, tarot cards, runes, pendulums, etc.), you're welcome to bring them too! 

Give yourself permission to play

“I highly encourage anyone who wants tools to practice seeking answers within, to experience Tiffany doing her thing. She is a gift. Give yourself permission to play and create a mindset for living the life you want!”

Van Cooley

Pick your payment

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Click here to join my free email subscription and be notified of future program offerings.

A welcome email will be sent within 1 business day after your payment has been received. Please check the email address inbox you used for submitting your payment. If you would like to use a different email for camp communications, email


Frequently Asked Questions

Summer is a busy time for me. How much time am I committing to?
You'll have one-hour live sessions each week for 6 weeks. You'll also be given intuitive practices to play with in between sessions that may take anywhere from 1 - 10 minutes. The amount of time you spend interacting with your inner wisdom outside of the live sessions is really up to you. The more time you put into practice, the more benefits you'll receive.
I can’t make the live sessions each week. Will there be a recording?
Yes, but I encourage you to attend live so you can practice your intuitive skills with the group and ask questions. If you can't make it live but have questions, you can submit them to Tiffany via email.
Do I need to have tarot or oracle cards?
You certainly don't need them, but you are welcome to bring them if that's your jam!
Is this for women only?
Nope. All are welcome. 
I don’t know if I’m intuitive. Will this work for me?
Absolutely! You chose the spiritual gifts you wanted to bring into this world, and you may not realize that one thing you do is actually your intuition. During Intuition Summer Camp, you'll be introduced to multiple inner wisdom access points so you can explore which one works best for you.
I already know I’m intuitive. Is this a good fit for me too?
Tune in and ask your intuition! I believe there is always room for learning and growth, so check in with yourself and see if this is meant for you.
What if I want to go a little deeper? Is there a 1:1 option to work with Tiffany?
Absolutely! Email Tiffany ( to let her know you'd like to discuss working 1:1. 
I’ve made it this far in life using logic. What’s the point of using my intuition?
If your Soul has led you to read this far and your mind is now questioning "why," that's exactly the point. You know when you know something is right for you, and I want to teach you how to trust your inner wisdom because that is the gateway to your health, wealth, happiness, and freedom. Plus, I think intuitive downloads and miracles are way more fun than the same old logical bullshit that you can always go back to any day you’d like.
What if I just don’t get it? What if I can’t figure out how to connect with my intuition?
If you attend the first 2 weeks of Intuition Summer Camp and feel dissatisfied for any reason, you can email Tiffany to be excused from the remainder of the camp and receive a full refund. You must watch the first 2 sessions and do the practices in order to be eligible for a refund. The deadline for a refund request is June 18 at 9:00 pm PDT.
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