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Journal Your Truth

90 days of transformational journaling for

spiritual growth and personal development

Begins April 15, 2020

Journaling has the power and potential to change your life.

The only question is, are you ready?

This live online group mentoring program will help you to:

Create a journaling ritual that you look forward to each day
Experience a greater sense of joy and freedom
Learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance
Know who you truly are and what really matters to you
Uncover the beliefs that are getting in the way of achieving your dreams
Feel connected to a heart centered group of individuals who are also on the path of self discovery

This program might be for you if...

… you are looking to create, expand or up-level your current journaling practice
… you are willing to be open to the work and what it may ask of you
… you have some personal and spiritual development work under your belt
… you are a lover of all things mystical, magical and manifestation related
… you would like to improve your relationship with your intuition/Higher Self
… you enjoy learning in an interactive group setting
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Image by Jan Kopřiva

This program is probably not for you if...

… you have resistance to writing or self-exploration
… you are unable to create the time and space to be actively engaged with the work
… you are unwilling to take responsibility for your growth and potential
… the idea of talking about or engaging in ritual or ceremony makes you uncomfortable
… you are not interested in working with the Divine (Source/Universe/Higher Self/God/etc.)
… you are looking for a self-study course

What you'll receive

Three daily writing practices that you will work with for 30 days each.
I recommend spending at least 10 minutes a day with your journal.
Seven bi-weekly online group classes.
Each 90-minute class is held LIVE online via Zoom (video conferencing).
These classes will be recorded and you will receive access to the replays.
Seven integration worksheets with journaling prompts, techniques and practices to work on between classes.
Unlimited email support for questions in between classes.
Space to be seen and heard.
This program is being consciously created to hold space for 8 individuals.

Class Themes & Dates

Create: April 15 & 29
Learn how to create a sacred container for your journaling practice. In our first two classes, you will create your intentions and personal commitments for the program. You will also be given resources to help you create a journaling ritual that feels supportive and expansive.
Question: May 13 & 27
When you start asking yourself better questions, you discover better answers. These two classes will introduce you to techniques and prompts that will help you process life lessons and uncover limiting beliefs. You will also experience the power of a possibility mindset.
Connect: June 10 & 24, July 8
Connect with your intuition and unlock your limitless potential. These three classes will help you connect to your inner wisdom so you can receive the answers, clarity and guidance that you seek. You will also learn how to have a written conversation with your Higher Self.
Each class will begin at 2pm PST.
Image by Estée Janssens
Enrollment closes on April 10 
(or earlier if all 8 spots have been filled)
Add On Bonus: Invite a friend to join you for only $1!
After you register, have your friend send me $1 via Venmo (@tiffanymarlink) or PayPal (@tiffanymarlinkcoach).
Please NOTE: Course related information will be sent to the email submitted with your payment. If you would prefer to use a different email address, please click here to send me a message after you register.

Choose the payment plan that works for you

1 payment of $555
3 monthly payments of $197

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?
In addition to the bi-weekly classes, I expect that you will create time each day to journal. Depending on the journal ritual you create, my guess is that you will spend 1 - 3 hours a week working with your journal outside of class.
What can I expect during the online classes?
We will open with a meditation or breathing exercise. There will be time for individual check ins and questions before we dive into the teaching topic and practice. That will be followed with Q&A and an introduction to your integration worksheet. These classes are created to be interactive, so your participation is greatly appreciated.
Do I have to use a journal or can I use my computer to journal?
My preference would be to have you use a journal. Journaling is a creative process and allowing your body to experience your hand movement on paper may create different results than working with technology. Consider this an invitation to disconnect from your screen while you reconnect with yourself.
What if using a journal is not an option because I don't want someone else to find and read it?
Your journal should be a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires. If confidentiality is an issue, please do what is best for you. Options to consider may include: carrying your journal with you, hiding it in a safe or secure place, or using an electronic file that is password protected (if necessary).
What if I can't attend the online class live?
Each class will be recorded and the replays will be made available to all participants. Please note that this program was created to encourage connection and interactive learning, so doing your best to attend the classes live is very much appreciated.
What is your refund policy?
Payments are non-refundable.
Don't see your question?
Click here to send me a message.
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