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  • Tiffany Marlink

A blessing from your Spirit team

The following is a channeled message from Spirt:

May we begin with a blessing. A blessing of hope and love. Close your eyes. Open your hands facing upwards. Say, "I am open to receiving a blessing of hope and love from my guides and teachers of the highest love and light."

After receiving, we invite you to offer your gratitude and thanks in exchange. If you feel called, you may offer another form of exchange. Perhaps a gift on your altar or in your ritual space. Or maybe even placing an offering out in nature. Even if the only nature that is currently available to you is a flower pot in a windowsill of your home. In that case, a water offering or words of love towards your plants would be sufficient.

We bring this message to you because many have come to believe your interactions with the spirit world must be elaborate or complicated. This is very much a human construct. Your offerings and communications are not judged by Mother Earth or your Spirit Team. They are simply received with gratitude.

Allow simplicity to create space for connecting with the spirit realm more often. Allow your connection with spirit to be easy, fun and something you look forward to. If it feels heavy, complicated or draining, let it go. We did not come to join you here to make things more challenging. Let it be easy.


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