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  • Tiffany Marlink

Are you living or existing?

“We either live with intention or exist by default.” Kristin Armstrong

Which one are you doing? Are you living or existing right now?

I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you this, but you have a choice. You can continue to survive and go through the motions of your day. Thinking you have no control over what’s happening and wishing things were different. Or you could wake up and decide that today is the day you are going to thrive. You are going to embrace your super powerful, bad ass self and intentionally choose to live your best life.

Today is the day to stop climbing someone else’s mountain. You have the opportunity to do whatever you want to in this lifetime. Don’t wait until you’ve made enough money or saved up enough vacation or until the kids are done with school to start living your life. Be the leader and role model that maybe you didn’t have. You deserve to be happy. You deserve joy, love and all that this lifetime has to offer. The only thing that is standing in your way is yourself.

Don’t allow those limiting stories and beliefs tell you to keep playing small. You don’t have to remain a slave to those stories or beliefs any longer. You have the right and the ability to choose. Yes, there are going to be changes that occur. There is going to be a ripple effect that will impact not only yourself but the people around you. But you know what? That uncomfortableness is temporary.

Trust me when I say, the chronic pain of living someone else's life is far worse than the temporary pain of change. If you’re ready to make a change and start putting yourself and your dreams first, I want you to start right here and now. Send me an email and let me know what you are committing to in 2019. What are you consciously intending to do differently?

You are an amazing human being and you are here on this earth for a reason. I hope that this is the year that you discover why so we can all experience your greatness.

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