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  • Tiffany Marlink

Awaken to your earthly purpose

The following is a channeled message from Spirt:

When you tune into the frequencies of the Earth, you not only give the Earth the energy of your focus, you call forth a part of your Soul that has become awakened to your earthly purpose.

Part of your work on the earthly plane is to be in deep communion with your Soul. A part of you that seems more easily accessed by some but is always accessible to all.

If you are feeling a desire to connect more fully or openly to this aspect of your being, we invite you to take a moment to breathe new life into your Soul. Spend time barefoot in nature. Take a soak. Relax the mind. Get your hands dirty.

What you are seeking is much closer than you realize. You may just not know what you are looking for. You will know when you have found it when you follow the thoughts, words and actions that feel like home. The things that make you sigh with relief or tingle with joy.

It is not hard to access this part of your being. It is however a part that was not widely encourage within the human constructs of existence. But that does not mean it is difficult to access.

Just as your eyes are scanning this page, you do not have to tell them what to do or try really hard to do it. You just look and see. Your inner being is that accessible. The only difference is that you look within in order to see your truth and the truth of all that is.


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