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  • Tiffany Marlink

How long is my faith good for?

How long is my faith good for? This question has come up for me a couple times over the last few years. It seems to creep into my awareness whenever I realize that I have stepped into the unknown. Times when I feel like I have made the wrong choice, things are not going my way, or I feel like I don’t know what to do next. Given our current circumstances, I decided to dive a little deeper into faith and its challenger, doubt. Here is the inner dialogue that unfolded in my journal. What is faith? Faith is belief during the unknown. It’s the thing that you long to be true but have no real way of telling if it is until it’s done. Faith is not needed in moments of certainty because at that point, all is known. There is nothing that requires faith when all is clear and understood. Faith also comes into play when you are unsure what is going to happen next. What I’m realizing is that faith is primarily called into question in the moments when it actually exists. How interesting and how terrible for faith. It’s like inviting your best friend to come over when things get tough and then questioning whether she’s going to show up when she’s already standing right next to you. Is it really faith that is in question or is it a battle of will? What I’m seeing is a back and forth between faith and doubt. The representatives of love and fear in this realm of the mind. If faith is the representative of love, why do I find myself questioning it? Perhaps it is because I have never made that association before. If doubt is the representative of fear, I am realizing that I no longer want to offer doubt a seat at the table. Is there a purpose for doubt? As the representative of fear, I’d say no. If it is used as a check point for pure alignment and verifying Divine direction, maybe? I think by definition though doubt places a veil of fear over your eyes. It darkens your clarity and returns you to a state of blindness to your own personal truth. Reducing your power and ability to believe in your worth. So, after thinking it through a bit more, I don’t think doubt has a purpose if you are choosing with love. Has my faith ever let me down? My mind is saying yes, but my heart is saying no. My mind says what about all those times that didn’t work out the way we wanted them too and my heart replies because that was not what our Soul needed in that moment. Yes, my dear sweet mind, we have been let down, but we have also been pleasantly surprised on multiple occasions. In fact, I think we’ve been more surprised than let down because the let downs have always led to something even better. Remember. All that is meant for me will never be withheld from me and all that was never meant to be mine was never meant to be. To keep my faith in the most uncertain times, I need to remember to return to love. To remember that I am always supported and that I am never alone. Both of which have been proven to me a million times over through out my life. I choose to continue untangling myself from the doubt and fear of the matrix. Faith is knowing that all is working out for my highest good. How do I exercise faith? Returning to love each time fear starts to creep in. Reminding myself that I am always supported and I am never alone. Remembering that I am surrounded by miracles and love at ALL times. Returning to my beliefs. When in doubt, repeating the mantra: I am always loved and supported. My needs are met for my highest good. I choose to see this situation from a new perspective with eyes and ears opened with love. So, I ask myself again, how long is my faith good for? The answer is forever. Because no matter how dark it gets, I trust that love will always be my guide and with a light that bright, there is nothing to fear.


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