• Tiffany Marlink

How to begin to trust yourself

Whenever you have an idea or desire, do you take action immediately in order to make it happen? Are you able to receive help or do you feel like you always have to do everything yourself?

I get it. It’s way easier to make things happen if you take control of the situation. However, you are also limiting your ability to experience the magic of the Universe. Let me give you a personal example from earlier this week.

There was an event that had been recommended to me. I was interested and hesitant, so I asked the Universe for a clear sign if I was meant to attend. After promotion for the event showed up for the third time and highlighted a friend as a guest speaker, I felt I had received my clear sign that I should go. The odd part was that I still felt a hesitation in my body. I had everything up on my screen to purchase but my finger didn’t want to click the button to make it happen. Instead of pausing in that moment, I decided to go ahead and purchase the ticket. Two days later, I received a text message from a friend saying that she had an extra ticket and would love to have me join her for free.

If only I had listened to my body and trusted the hesitation I was feeling! We both know there’s no point in dwelling what could’ve been. So, I took it as a lesson learned and am passing along this little nugget of knowledge to you.

Listen to your body and the information that you receive from it. The harsh reality here is that your impatience is a symptom of a lack of trust. You don’t believe or have faith in the message you are receiving, so you are charging ahead as if it didn’t happen.

If you always take action right away, you are not giving the Universe the time and space to do some (if not all) of the work for you. Do this often enough, and you reinforce your belief that you have to do everything yourself because you have no evidence of any other way. The real problem is that you are not giving anyone or anything else the opportunity to show up for you.

How will you know when to practice patience instead of just getting it done yourself?

This is going to take some good old fashion practice. Next time you want something, I encourage you to pause, take a breath and close your eyes. Repeat your desire and notice your body’s reaction. Does the idea give you butterflies? Does it make you feel like you’re being wrapped in a wet blanket? Maybe you don’t feel anything at all. The key here is just to notice what you feel when you think of what you want. The things your heart truly desires will feel good. You’ll notice the difference, trust yourself.

Once you have something that you desire, ask yourself “do I need it right now?” Pause and notice what your initial response is and where it feels like that is coming from. If it feels frantic or heady, take another breath and try asking the question again. Similar to the first pause, you want to get in touch with that heart or gut instinct.

If you don’t need it right now, ask yourself what a reasonable time frame would be to allow the desire to manifest for your highest and greatest good. Allow that to be the window in which you practice patience and trust.

If during that window you find a steal of a deal, take advantage of it! I’m not saying that manifestation has to be free or that it has to happen on a certain day. I’m saying that something really awesome could be waiting for you that fulfills your desire. Believe me, you’ll know it once you see it. That’s the moment that you take action.

This may also be the timeframe in which you learn that what you desired was not in your highest and greatest good. Maybe the event you wanted to go to sells out. That’s gonna feel really frustrating in the moment. But it could also be opening the door to another even better opportunity that you were not aware of or maybe someone has a ticket that they want to gift you.

The point here is to trust that your highest and greatest good will always be supported and provided for. Learning to trust yourself is not something that will happen overnight. Allow yourself to try this with little things to get started. Strengthen that connection to your body, build your trust muscle and celebrate the goodness when it happens.