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  • Tiffany Marlink

How to get into flow

Ever have that moment where everything seems to click into place? Things happen in perfect timing. You run into the right person at the right place. You find the perfect parking spot. The thing that you’ve been waiting for magically appears out of nowhere.

That is what happens when you are in flow. The state where you are grooving with the Universe rather than battling against her to get what you think you need.

Part of being in flow is finding a balanced state of masculine and feminine energy. You can’t be all masculine, going out and doing all the things. You also can’t be all feminine, waiting with open arms to receive. It is important to find your own unique balance of both.

Masculine energy is the doer. The part of you that creates the to do list and then makes sure each line item is checked off. It is your action-oriented, driven self. Our masculine side is represented in our use of logic and reason. It is the part of us that is willing to go on the adventure.

The feminine energy is how you receive direction, guidance and the things that you desire. The part of you that allows you to rest and recover in between the action phases of your life. It is your intuition. Your feminine side is also rooted in creative expression, nurturing and patience.

Using both in harmony is how you experience the synchronicities of flow. When out of balance, you begin to experience symptoms that are meant to bring your attention to what you need. For example, if you are operating primarily in the driven, masculine energy, you may experience burnout and exhaustion. On the other hand, a primarily feminine approach, may leave you wondering when your ship is going to come in.

So how do you do both?

You honor the cycle by choosing to use one than the other. For example, let’s say you want to create a client for your business. Starting in the feminine energy, you would tap into your heart’s wisdom to decide what type of service would bring you joy and fulfillment. Then you could meditate on the type of client that’s highest good would be serve by working together. You may even ask for guidance on who to reach out to specifically and notice the names that come to mind.

Once you have received answers and direction, you would shift into your masculine energy. You would go out and contact those people or create the structures for your offering. This is using your masculine energy to take heart inspired action. After you take the action, you move back into a state of receiving again. Maybe that is in the form of money or energy exchange or maybe it comes as more information that you can use to pivot and take a new inspired action.

The key is to start with the feminine guidance and then shift into masculine action. Without clarity and direction, you might experience a wild goose chase. Trying all of the things instead of focusing on the things that your heart is directing you to do. You may find yourself tracking down every person who might be a potential client and then feeling exhausted by all of the energy you are expending. Let this be your reminder to start by receiving first, then take action.

I also want to remind you of the importance of taking action. A lot of the law of attraction information out there says to think about what you want and then it will magically appear. That sounds nice, but if you don’t take action in the direction of your desire it could be a very long wait. Imagine that you wanted to go somewhere so you put the destination into your GPS. If you never shift your car into drive and start rolling, the GPS isn’t going to offer you any direction on how to get to your destination. The Universe starts the same way. Decide what you want and then start taking action. The Universe will redirect you if it needs too.

This leads to my last point. Just because something doesn’t turn out the way you expected, does not mean that you did something wrong. You are here to learn and grow, and sometimes you will be given a direction that will teach you something that you will need to use in the future. Going back to the GPS example. You could go a hundred miles in the opposite direction, and your GPS will continue to recalculate and offer you guidance for how to get you back to your destination. The Universe works the same way.

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