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  • Tiffany Marlink

How to integrate the Lion's Gate Portal energies

It's been a pretty wild couple of weeks with lots of new energy landing in the body (which isn't always the most comfortable experience). If you're sensitive like me, you've experienced some highs and lows and your own fair share of sideways.

The Lion's Gate portal (which closed August 12) was one of the most physically and emotionally intense experiences that I've had in a long time. I felt massive waves of doubt, worry, and fear. I had moments when I felt deep despair and anger so fiery that I couldn't contain it. I noticed an increase in my physical senses (sound and feel were particularly amplified). My intuitive and empathic sensitivities were also turned way up, and it took me several days to figure out how to navigate that intensity.

Now that the energies are starting to stabilize, I want to remind you of the importance of awareness and integration.

We receive downloads, upgrades, and initiations when we pass through the big energetic portals (like the Lion's Gate). So if you've felt physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted, know that you're not alone! Make sure you're getting plenty of rest, hydration, proper nutrients, and support to take care of yourself.

Let's start with awareness. Grab your journal and explore what has come up for you over the last couple of weeks.

What has felt activated in your body?

What life lessons have presented themselves?

What healing opportunities have become available?

What fears, doubts, and worries are ready to be loved?

What have you learned about yourself through the experience of the relationships in your life?

Perhaps this reflection creates a sense of relief, or maybe it brings in a wave of emotion. Take a deep breath and remember that everything you have experienced is happening FOR you. If things have felt intense or uncomfortable, see if you can shift to a higher perspective and find the glimmers of truth and potential in what you've experienced.

If you need help shifting your perspective, trying viewing your experience through the eyes of your future self, a loved one, or your pet. You may also look at the experience from the perspective of your inner child or a wise elder. The key here is to step out of your shoes for a moment and step into the loving essence of someone who can provide a compassionate view of the entire experience.

Part of the energy download you received will support you in seeing and experiencing your reality through the eyes of love. This is part of what you get to integrate if you so choose. It may help to say, "I choose to see my experience through eyes of love" while exploring the questions above.

Next, I invite you to pause and take a few centering breaths. Allow your awareness to drift to your heart's center and ask your soul what it needs to integrate and embody the wisdom you've received. You may receive an immediate answer, or you may need to sit with patience and openness for a bit.

The key here is to be open to receiving an answer intuitively or through signs, symbols, and messages sent by Spirit. Guidance may come in the form of a song, an invitation from a friend, or a message on a billboard (these are just a couple of the millions of ways Spirit may communicate with you). Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open, and know that whatever answers you receive are perfect for you.

Sending you so much love and respect for being on the journey and doing the inner work. Sometimes it's the most challenging moments that offer the greatest opportunity for growth and healing. If you are experiencing substantial challenges, I hope you reach out and allow yourself to receive the support you deserve.


I am a sovereign being. I trust the wisdom of my body to integrate [insert life lesson or activation]. I allow the healings and activations I have received to integrate with ease and grace.

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