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  • Tiffany Marlink

Lion's Gate Portal Message

The following is a channeled message I received yesterday regarding the energies of the Lion's Gate Portal (which opened on 8/8).

There is nothing you need to do beyond allowing yourself the permission to receive these activation codes. However, once downloaded, the integration of these codes may result in different or unique experiences. You may notice physical symptoms in the body as lower vibrational energies are transmuted and released.

These may appear as aches and pains, acne, exhaustion or cold like symptoms. Some may also notice digestive system disturbances as fear and stress often become trapped within these organs of the body. Do not fear or suppress any symptoms that arise. This is your body's natural healing occurring in real time. You may ask for support from your Spirit Guide Team to ease the experience of the physical symptoms, if you so choose.

You may also notice a deeper desire to spend time outdoors. We highly encourage you to follow this urge as it will allow the flow of energy to be grounded in the Earth as you are in receiving.

Drinking extra water will help to move the energetic downloads through your body in addition to cleansing and removing any lower density energies or cellular debris that are ready to exit the body.

REST!!! We cannot emphasize this one enough. Even if you do not consciously feel the changes occurring within your physical and energetic bodies, they are happening. Allow yourself the time and space to embody these new light codes. Sitting outside for even 5 minutes without the distraction of technology will allow for the integration to embody in ways that you can begin to consciously acknowledge.

Do you need to be consciously aware of this activation and integration for it to occur?

No. However, we know that many of you desire this level of conscious awareness and have many questions that you would like to have answered. Practicing stillness, contemplation or automatic writing (as this one has chosen) will allow you to tune in to the energies that you are receiving and answers that you seek.

There is a global shift at play. It is beginning on the individual level in order to permeate the collective.

The information each individual receives may be similar or different from another. All information received is rooted in the same truth. It is just that each individual is receiving through the perception of their lived experiences so far. As such, many of you will receive a similar essence of downloaded activation despite the words, symbols, imagery and sensations being unique to each and every one of you.

The important thing to note is that this is a higher alignment of your truth. A coming home to your authentic expression of self. A harmonizing of the energies within to your core resonance of love.

Do not worry dear Souls. You cannot miss this activation or get it wrong. You came into this lifetime knowing that this is a portal that would be available to you. Your Soul knows what to do to integrate these energies. Listen to those yearnings, urges and desires that arise today and in the day that follow.

With love & light,

Your Ascension Team


I open to receive the energetic downloads that are now available through the Lion's Gate Portal that align with my highest good. I allow the body's physical symptoms to show me the healing and activations that are occurring. I open to receive the wisdom of the body in bringing these healings and activations into my conscious awareness. Integration Activity Close your eyes and tune into the physical symptom that is calling your attention. Ask the sensation if there is anything it needs you to know. Listen, feel or experience the information that is communicated. Once you have received any information, imagery, memories or messaging (which may also come later if you receive little or nothing), imagine a volume dial. Picture what number the volume dial is showing for that sensation. Ask your Spirit Guides/Higher Self to assist you in turning down the volume to a number that feels good to you. Close by extending gratitude to the body and your Guides/Higher Self for their support.

Journal Prompts

What yearnings, urges and desires am I noticing? When I close my eyes and tune in to the body, I notice ... What do I know about myself today that I didn't know last week?


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