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  • Tiffany Marlink

Monday Message - Grace

The following is a channeled message from Spirit:

Today we introduce the practice of grace. Grace is strong and soft. Gentle yet fierce. Grace brings magic into the world with beauty and intention. The practice of grace includes standing in your power while allowing others to do the same. Grace does not boast and yet it speaks louder than words. Grace is a state of being and can be entered into simply by stating that it is so.

Practice it now. Close your eyes and feel into your body. Notice what you notice and take a breath. Now repeat the words "I am grace" out loud three times. Notice what you notice. What changed. What stayed the same. Let's practice one more time. Repeat the words "I allow myself to experience the purity of grace." Again, notice what you notice. You may open your eyes.

We offer you these exercises purely for the experience of them. There is no right or wrong way or answer for that matter. What is being presented to you is a gift of information. You can use this information as you wish.

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