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  • Tiffany Marlink

Monday Message: How to navigate in the dark

The following is a channeled message from Spirit:

Many of you have felt the shroud of darkness. It has manifested into a sense of lost hope and an inability to receive direction. This is occurring so you can slow down and learn to tap into your other senses.

If someone turned out the lights in a room, you would not sprint from one side to another without potentially injuring yourself or others. While the lights are out, feel your way across the room with the wisdom of your heart and the sensations of your body.

What does this mean in a more practical sense? Slow down and feel with your own heart before you take action. Read what you are going to post on social media and feel your body's response before you post it. Slow down and feel your body as it pulls you in the direction of love. Notice where it bristles with fear or uncertainty and be willing to ask how can you lovingly tend to this discomfort. Slow down and notice where you are pulled to be physically. Notice where you are pulled financially to give, support and invest. Notice who you are pulled to have conversations with, especially the challenging ones.

The light will return, but for now you are being asked to slow down and feel your way through this experience. The more you rush around impatiently wishing for all of this to just go away, the longer it will take.


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