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  • Tiffany Marlink

Monday Message: It's time to awaken the healer within

The following is a channeled message from Spirit: It is time to awaken and activate the healer within. Each and every one of you is capable of brining your own unique healing energy into this world and there is no better time than the present to activate that potential. We invite you to use the following prayer to begin awakening your true magic. I claim my role as a healer on this earth and in this lifetime. I awaken the healer within and allow her to guide my actions for the highest good of all. I know that in choosing to heal myself, I am also healing the collective. I call in and openly accept the love, guidance and support that I need. I consciously choose to step into my authentic power and take action from a place of love. You have the capacity to heal the world around you by starting with yourself. Explore the depths of your Soul and allow yourself to feel and heal the emotions that arise. Even the smallest acts of grace will make a difference in this time of global growth and evolution. Do not doubt your abilities or the difference that you are capable of making in the world. The healing revolution starts within each and every one of you.


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