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  • Tiffany Marlink

Monday Message - Leaning In and Being Tender

The following is a channeled message from Spirit: There is a balance to be made between leaning in and being tender. We will make it easy by saying the one you need is the one which you feel the most resistance towards. Let's start with leaning in. This is not a process of swimming upstream. There is a difference between doing things that are hard and doing things to prove your worth. Sit with your actions and determine where they are coming from before you take action. Being tender is not a passive activity. It is a process of loving yourself through an experience. Realizing its ok to step back and tend to your sweet, sensitive heart instead of forcing your way through. We know this may be hard for some of you to comprehend, but rest and tenderness can often lead to the greatest growth and leaps in the direction of your Soul's desires. As we said at the beginning, now is the time to find the balance and use them actively in harmony with each other. When in doubt, stop, sit and listen. Your heart will guide the way.


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