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  • Tiffany Marlink

Monday Message - Sacred Simplicity

The following is a channeled message from Spirit. Any questions I asked for clarification or further information are written in italics.

The collective energy shift that is occurring right now is a simplification and return to the basics. The mind has created great complexity and complication, but all of that is unnecessary. You are being asked to strip away all of the unnecessary in order to come down to the purest and simplest form of your gifts and service.

The world craves difficulty because that instills more fear and scarcity. More struggle, wanting and strife. Your true nature basks in the simplicity of knowing what is and how to get there with the lease amount of effort. Instead of succumbing to the roadblocks, we invite you to see through them. Act as if the illusions of the mind do not exist (because in a love based reality they do not).

You do this through meditation and visualization. You focus all your energies on the end result and surrender any attachment to how that will come to fruition. Release roadblocks by stating "I choose to take the perfect path of least resistance. I free myself from the illusion of any fear based restrictions. I choose to see my unlimited potential through eyes of love."

Why do we choose struggle?

Because you have been conditioned to believe that is part of the human condition. You have been raised in a world where struggle is rewarded over simplicity. You are fed this idea that you have to earn it for it to be worth it. What you have forgotten is that you are already worthy and deserving of all that you desire and by releasing the beliefs that feed the struggle you can have all that you desire with ease and grace.

This could happen in an instant or it could happen over a period of time. It depends on how deep the belief is seated and what tools you use to excavate it.


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