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  • Tiffany Marlink

Monday Message: Stepping through the eclipse portal

The following is a channeled message from Spirit:

You have been through an immense period of growth and transformation. You have seen the darkness - up close and personal. You have ridden the waves of fear and doubt and you have learned much during this phase of your journey. Many of you stepped through the eclipse portal already and for those who have not, your time will come.

In choosing to step through, you are committing to your Higher Truth. You are committing to your light in addition to your shadow. It is time to set down the baggage that is keeping you tethered to the 3D reality you've been conditioned into. Lay down the weight of the beliefs that are burdening your Soul. Let the love that is flowing through your heart be your guide. It is time to flourish. Step forward and embrace your Soul's Truth.


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