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  • Tiffany Marlink

Monday Message - Unpacking Your Beliefs

The following is a channeled message from Spirit.

There is a journey you commit to in deciding to come into this body in this lifetime. Your individual journeys will all be different and yet in the greater picture they are all the same. You are here to discover and return to your truth. The Divine spiritual being that chose this human space suit to learn and grow.

Your truth is not something that you find outside of you. It is not a destination at the end of this journey. Your truth is an unpacking of the luggage that you are carrying along the way and a constant practice of discerning that which is yours and that which is not.

Today, we invite you to create a list of all your beliefs. The things you know to be true and the things that appear to be true based on what you perceive about the world around you. One example maybe "money doesn't grow on trees" or "relationships are hard for me."

We encourage you to explore all areas of your life, both in the so called positive and negative. We understand that this may feel like a substantial undertaking and if that is the case, we invite you to explore one area at a time over the coming days and weeks.

Once you have captured all the things you perceive to be true about your world, we invite you to run these beliefs through a filter of love and light. Is the belief rooted in love or fear? Does the belief make you feel expansive or limited?

For each fear based or limiting belief, we invite you to look for evidence where it is not true. We understand this may be difficult at first as you have been trained to see the world through a specific lens of this limitation. Setting the intention to see differently will allow you to start experiencing this new truth.

Do not get frustrated if this shift does not happen over night. You didn't get to where you are now over night. Some of these things may change in an instant and some will unfold over a period of time. Remember, your path to knowing your truth is happening in perfect Divine timing. Trust yourself.


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