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  • Tiffany Marlink

Monday Message - Vision

Life is not always as it seems. The world you see is filtered through the lens of your own life experiences. You see with the beliefs you have accepted to be true and you choose the see the things that support that truth. But what you see is a false truth. It is the perspective that your mind has created in order to support the beliefs you already hold.

In order to see with fresh eyes, you must first decide that this is your intention. Then the practice begins. As you observe your world, remember that not all is as it seems. Ask yourself what you can see that you did not see before. At first this will take effort and for many of you a tremendous amount of slowing down. As you continue to practice, you will begin to see more of the details in your world. This may lead to noticing signs, symbols and messages from your own Spirit guides.

Do not fret if you do not notice a significant shift right away. This is not like doing a cannon ball into the deep end of the pool. This guidance is the tender tip toe from the shallow end that will allow you to experience greater depth and meaning as your new skills are heightened.

Keep it simple. Set your intention and notice what you notice. That is all for now.


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