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  • Tiffany Marlink

Monday Message: You signed up for this wild ride

The following message was written from my heart to yours:

We are on a wild ride that currently has no end in sight. This may feel terrifying, but I want you to remember that you signed up for this ride before you arrived here in this body. You saw the entire ride at that time and said, "YES! I want to experience that one!"

Attempting to slow down or stop this ride may feel like a good idea right now, but your heart arrived fully equipped with a plan and every resource you could ever need. Your heart wants you to let go and allow the ride to fill every cell of your body with joy and exhilaration. Scream out the scary and let your body tingle with love and life force energy. Every single twist, turn and drop was created for your highest good.

Remember. This ride is only taking you where your Soul truly wants to go, Home. To the place where you bask in the love that is your birthright. The place where wellbeing and abundance are a natural part of your existence. A place where fear withers and fades in the light of your truth. Now is not the time to eject from the process of your healing journey. It is time to lean in and let the ride show you who you truly are.


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