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  • Tiffany Marlink

My journey from being a mistake to becoming a miracle

I started reading Revolution of the Soul by Seane Corn. After writing down a number of quotes, I found one in particular that felt important to share with you. “We shouldn’t let a single story be the whole story.” After reading that sentence, I had to pause and let it really sink in. I couldn’t help but think of how easy it is to allow the mind to view a life's story through the filter of one defining moment, label or belief. I also know that I'm not the only one who defaults to this way of thinking. That is why I'm going to share a story that I had been living with for most of my life. My hope is that it will inspire you to take a careful look at the stories you tell yourself and choose wisely which ones you carry forward. I was born to very young parents. An “oopsie baby” by society’s definition. Although I knew my parents loved me, I couldn’t help but accept the idea that most people labeled me a mistake. Pair that with being a first born, and I wound up with an interesting mix of feeling like I didn't belong and needing to prove that I did. This ended up manifesting in a number of ways including becoming a master in the art of people pleasing. As a sweet and sensitive soul, I would do anything in my power to make life easier for those around me. I placed everyone else's needs above my own because I felt like my needs didn't really matter. If I could make somebody else happy, I must've been doing something right. As you can imagine, living a life with no connection to myself or my needs led me down a very slippery slope. A majority of my 20s were spent dancing with the darkness of depression. I cycled on and off medication which never really seemed to help. I also relied heavily on alcohol to help me “fit in and be more fun”. What I realize now is that there is no medication in this world (prescribed or self-selected) that can cure the loneliness that happens when you disconnect from yourself. What I really needed was to detach from the story that I had been telling myself in order to see, feel and experience the love and connection that was waiting for me. By committing to my own healing journey, I was able to release that story and see my truth with fresh eyes. The story I now share is that I am a miracle and that love is my birthright. I am a child who was chosen to be given life when it would have been easier not to. I am a divine being that can see through the illusion of separation in order to experience the truth that we are all connected. I am also learning how to love myself so deeply that it gives others a chance to meet the real me. Each and every single one of us is a miracle. And we are all here to experience lessons that are intended to help us return to our true state of love and connection. I invite you to consider whether the story you are telling yourself is keeping you stuck or helping you to return to a state of love. Open your heart to the idea that perhaps there is another perspective or story that is wanting to come through. Imagine what your life might be like if you gave yourself permission to live uninhibited by society's labels or the beliefs you were given before you realized you had a choice. Remember. You are the storyteller. You get to chose which stories create the script of your life. Edit often with an open heart and a curious mind.


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