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  • Tiffany Marlink

My Spiritual Awakening

There have been a number of moments in my life where I felt compelled to do something that I didn’t fully understand. Things that didn’t always make logical sense, but they felt right. Those intuitive moments have led me on quite a wild ride. It was that deep knowing that guided me to move across the country to a city I now consider home. It led me to becoming reiki attuned before I had ever even experienced a reiki treatment myself. It was that same knowing that led me to quit my financially comfortable accounting career to create a business that is still in the process of unfolding. What I didn’t realize until more recently is that this deep knowing has been the guiding light on the path of my awakening.

My awakening was not like the stories you typically hear throughout the spiritual community. I didn’t have any hints of supernatural gifts as a child. As an adult, there was no magical mushroom trip or near-death experience. I didn’t even have a yoga practice.

I actually think it was stress that prompted my awakening. I was convinced there had to be more to life than the anxiety and depression that I was experiencing. It became my mission to figure out how to experience unconditional happiness. I began practicing meditation and was determined to master it (yes, I was one of those people and no, that’s not how it works). I’d read, learn, practice and then wander off to find the next magical cure that would help me to feel better.

The more knowledge that I acquired, the more I noticed one message in particular that began to stand out. The idea of becoming myself. It seemed so simple, yet the practical application involved a lot of really intense work. I had to strip away all of the stories, beliefs and layers of things that were not me in order to uncover the sweetness that was deep within all along.

Did my awakening rock my world?

Yes and no. Yes, because my life is completely different from the one that I lived before I started to wake up. No, because I wasn’t thrown into a catastrophic life changing event that forced me to wake up. My awakening was by choice. I experienced a journey that has allowed me the time to integrate what I was learning and remain grounded.

I am sharing this with you because I want you to know that everyone’s spiritual path and process of waking up is unique. You are not bound by a single way of coming into conscious awareness of who you are or what you are here to do in this lifetime. What I would encourage you to do is be curious and connect with other light seekers and teachers. Find the people who are speaking your language or share your curiosities.

My own life began to flourish the moment I stepped out of my spiritual closet and began telling people my story. You are not weird, and you are definitely not alone. I think there is great power in speaking your truth and shining your light.

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