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  • Tiffany Marlink

Radical Acceptance

In honor of the Taurus new moon yesterday, I did an oracle card reading for myself. One question in particular led to a vision that brought me to tears. I had asked for a guide to assist me with my sacred mission. The goddess Freya appeared with a message of Radical Acceptance. In her guidance, she asked me "can you stand in the middle of the chaos and allow yourself to center in the quiet hum of the eye of the storm?"

My mind drifted to the greater collective and the chaos, fear and loss that is happening throughout the world right now. A vision of a whirlwind of people, news, death counts, isolation, grief and financial fear began to take shape. As I watched the storm gather in strength and size, I noticed myself standing at the center watching with curiosity and compassion. In that moment, I began to wonder do they even know they are in a fear spiral? How can I call people to join me in the calmness of the center (the space that is rooted in love)? What do I need to do to wake people up from the fear that they are living in?

I watched as the gigantic tornado dropped from view and all that was left was a wide open white space filled with Souls that appeared lost. Individuals wandering with their eyes closed and arms outstretched searching for something. Others curled up tightly, crying or rocking themselves to ease the overwhelming fear and loneliness.

The vision brought tears to my eyes. I just wanted to save them and yet a part of me knew they had to open their own eyes to see the truth. The truth that they are not alone and the dark world they are living in is just a fear based illusion. That brought me back to Freya and radical acceptance. How can I accept that this is the way? How can I surrender my own need to go shake someone awake because I want them to see what they are currently blind to?

Feeling a little lost myself, I called to my guides. Spirit responded through me with the following:

There are people out there who cannot see the light because they don't know their eyes are closed, but they can feel it. They can feel the warmth on their skin and the cells in their body pulling them in the direction of what feels good. They will open their eyes when they realize it is safe and possible to do so (and not a moment sooner).

Your work here, dear light one, is not to pry open their scared little eyes but to be the warmth and guidance that draws them near. Radiate with love so their body directs them where their eyes cannot see. This is your mission. Your job is not to pry open their eyes but to give them a safe enough place to land where they feel empowered to do it themselves.

How do I do that?

Keep speaking. Keep writing. Keep being you. There is nothing more that you need to do than be yourself. You are a lighthouse of love and all that is being asked of you now is to shine your light.

After letting those words of wisdom sink in, the serenity prayer came to mind.

Source grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

I am not responsible for anyone's journey but my own. I don't get to say how or when anyone wakes up from the fear that they are living in. I don't get to prescribe the healing and support that anyone receives. I can't even make someone show up to something they paid for if they don't want to be there. We live on a free will planet and that is part of its beauty. What I can do is be responsible for my own healing journey and conscious evolution. I can also share what I learn along the way for those who can see or feel my light.

I share this message with you today because I know that I am not the only lighthouse of love. I know there are many others out there, just like me, who want to be of the highest service for the greater collective. If you are feeling called and wondering where to start, I invite you to consider starting with yourself. By healing yourself and transmuting your fear, your own light grows. Join me in stepping out of the chaos and into the calm loving center we all call home.


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