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  • Tiffany Marlink

Sacred Communion of the Soul

On Sunday, I was given the following assignment by my Spirt Guides.

Release all timelines. You are here to play and experiment. Ask your heart (intuition) to guide you. For the coming week, we invite you to only take action from the heart. No agenda. No goals. Your exercise/assignment is to tune into the energy of the heart for each and everything that you need to do. If you cannot hear its whisper, become quiet and aligned by practicing heart coherence and gratitude. All that you need to do will be done. Nothing more. Nothing less. This is the Sacred Communion of the Soul.

After receiving my Divine assignment, my mind flipped out. What if I don’t do all of the things I committed to do? How can I move my business forward this week if I don’t have a plan? What if I forget to do something? Does it have to be an entire week? Can’t I just do it for a day?

My heart remained calm and grounded. She knew the truth. She saw the path forward as a huge expanse. One where we are no longer bound, burdened or restricted by a single way of doing things. Feeling pulled between these two opposing views, I allowed my mind to ask my guides a question.

Do I need any ground rules?

No. The only rule is that your heart is in charge this week. The first couple days will feel clunky and uncomfortable but come Thursday, a whole new world is going to open to you. A world that you knew was there but did not have access to until now. Trust that you know where this portal lies and how to walk through it when the time comes.

And with that, I turned to my heart and began asking the question that I would ask a million more times this week.

My dear sweet, beautiful heart, what would you like to do?

I will continue to share what I am learning through this Divine assignment, but my heart has guided me to know that the story I have shared up until now is all that is needed for today.

If you would you like to join me for this Divine assignment, the rules are very simple. The heart is in charge and the mind is responsible for collecting the evidence of what happens over the course of the week. If you have an active mind (like my own), you may borrow the following conversation that I had with my own mind.

Dear sweet mind – I love you and I appreciate your insights. We are going to play a new game this week. It’s called Follow the Leader and the heart is going to be our leader. Your role is to collect the evidence and track all the things the heart is guiding us to do. This is a very important role as you will be in charge of identifying the miracles along the way. The key here is to remember that finding the miracles is like trying to pet a scared puppy. You can’t chase it for it will be faster than you. Your role is to sit and wait for the puppy to come to you. Give it a sweet space to come and curl up next to you. Love it no matter how close or far away it is. Can you be responsible for that very important task for me?

If you need some assistance hearing the heart, I recommend practicing heart coherence. I was guided to learn heart coherence from Heart Math. The Heart Math experience is currently free and I recommend watching the videos to learn how powerful the heart truly is compared to the mind. The videos will also teach you a couple heart coherence techniques.

The quick coherence technique is a very simple breathing practice. Allow your awareness to sink to your heart space and imagine breathing through this space. The breath is a little longer and slower than normal breathing. Then you are going to activate that heart space with a positive feeling like appreciation, care, love, kindness, compassion, patience or courage. This is as simple as bringing a thought to your awareness that makes you feel good and feel that feeling as it fills your heart. You can practice quick coherence with your eyes open or closed and there is no set time limit for practicing. This is one of those moments where you have to tune into your heart to receive your own answer.


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