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  • Tiffany Marlink

Stop apologizing. This is your time!

This week's Monday Message originally started with this personal note:

Please forgive me for the flurry of emails last week. My humanness got in the way of my ability to be the consistent resource that I want to be for you. I know that you are already being bombarded with information so please forgive me if I added to the overwhelm. Then I realized that I'm not sorry for taking up more space in your inbox. I had to remind myself that I don't have to apologize for being a sensitive human who is unwilling to resist my heart's call to serve. I am not sorry for taking the time to sit down and write individual reiki infused emails to people that I care about asking what I can do to support them. I'm not sorry for sending emails to my subscribers almost every day last week because I wanted you to know that I am here for you! And I'm certainly not sorry for answering the call by leaning in and allowing myself to be more seen and heard than ever before. I have been apologizing and playing small for my entire life and I know that I'm not the only one who has fallen prey to that conditioning. Neither you nor I came here with a commitment to be invisible. We came here with a personal and collective mission and our Soul will not sit back and rest until both are acted upon to the best of our ability. That uncomfortable feeling that makes us want to eat, drink, sleep, run away or numb out is our Soul calling us into action. It is time to start listening and taking inspired action. I am going to share with you the words that I needed to hear this week and I hope they offer you something that you need as well. This is your time! You are here for a reason and you have been training your entire life for this moment (and many others that are yet to come). Stop apologizing for who you are and stop avoiding all of the things that your Soul is begging you to feel and do. Wake up, feel the feels and go do the damn thing! Stop holding yourself back from bringing your true gifts into this world. Stop ignoring what is rising up within you because it might make someone else uncomfortable. Stop living into the stories that say you have to be a good girl in order to be accepted and loved. Stop swallowing the words that need to be spoken into this world and stop pretending something is ok if it's not really ok! It's ok to be angry. It's ok to be sad. And it's ok to stand in your power and speak your truth. The stories you've been telling yourself up until now are not going to get you anywhere that you haven't already been. It is time to feel the feels and be unapologetically brave as you take those wobbly little steps in the direction of your highest good. It is time to believe in yourself more than ever. Call forth your truest, most authentic self and let her lead the way. I know it feels scary and there are moments that are going to be really uncomfortable. But it's going to blow your mind when your Soul starts opening doors that you didn't even know existed. Remember my dear. You have a gift and a purpose in this world. And both of those things have awakened a fire within you. Feed the flames and let all that no longer serves your higher purpose burn away. Watch as those old stories that held you back burn to dust and feel the freedom and lightness that fills the space that is created. You were born for this babygirl and don't you dare let anyone tell you differently! I love you to the moon and back a million times over! I need to ask for your help. Please take a moment to read about the Sacred Journal Space and Journal Your Truth. These offerings are truly a gift from my heart and Soul. I know they each have the power to change lives and I need your support in finding the magical souls that are ready to do this work. Every single thing I will be teaching is something that I have personally used to go from the stressed out, shrinking and self medicating woman I used to be to the grounded, compassionate, and intuitive woman that stands before you today. If either of these offerings are for you, wonderful and I can't wait to work with you! If not, please do me a huge favor and share the links with someone you know who might be a good fit


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