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  • Tiffany Marlink


I surrender.

I choose to let go.

I am flexible and open to change.

I see my authentic path with clarity and grace.

I allow myself to feel my feelings and release them.

I choose love and allow myself to be guided by love.

I trust that I know what to do and when to do it.

I open my eyes to see all things differently.

I allow the Universe to guide my actions.

I trust that I am supported always.

I choose to let go.

I surrender.

Being a recovering over achiever, the Universe loves to send me invitations to surrender. As much as I appreciate the reminders, I can't help but wish they came with an instruction manual. What does it really mean to surrender? Where is the 3 step checklist so I can know that I'm doing it right? The Universe just giggles and says it again, surrender.

My response to these invitations has been to tune in to my current experience and just notice. As I begin to listen to my thoughts, I usually find where I am trying to control or create something that perfectly fits a need that I have. I have also discovered moments when I am clinging to a certain idea or notice when I find myself shrinking back in fear.

Using these moments as clues, I discovered that the one energetic signature that is present every time is a sense of constriction. I am being asked to surrender because I have limited my options and reduced my own ability to flow. In those moments, the Universe is guiding me to release the rules, stories, steps or beliefs that are getting in the way of the miracles that it has waiting for me.

Once I recognize the restriction, there are two voices that arise within me. My heart believes in the miraculous possibilities and says let's dance with surrender. My mind dives straight into panic and safety mode. It turns to my heart and says "what if something terrible happens because I didn't do the right thing?" To which my wise little heart says, "but what if something amazing happens?"

I invite you to join me in listening to the wisdom of your heart and exploring the dance of surrender. Play with the possibility that the Universe might actually have a better plan for you. One that is actually easier or more magical than you can even imagine. If you're wondering to yourself, "how the heck do you dance with surrender?" I'll share three of my own personal practices to help you get started. However, please do not let yourself be restricted by just these three. Open yourself up to the wisdom of your own heart and see where it leads you.

1. Create your own surrender prayer on mantra. Words that you can repeat each day or in the moments when you find yourself wanting to cling, control or attach. Surrender your experience to your Higher Self or the Universe, ask for guidance and then notice what ideas or flashes of insight follow.

2. Create a worry box (or jar). Every time you experience a worry, fear or attachment, write it down and place in in the worry box. The act of placing it in the worry box is your way of handing it over to the Universe. You can choose how long you keep the notes in the box. Maybe you burn them as part of your monthly full moon ritual or wait until the box is full to let them go.

3. Create a surrender dance. Choose a song that makes you want to shake your body like you can't hold it back. And then next time you are feeling tied up in knots, play your song and dance it all out.


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