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  • Tiffany Marlink

The Benefits of Energy Word

When I first started writing this article, my intention was to help you understand the benefits of energy work by sharing what I’ve experienced. The words flowed from heart and spilled onto the pages of my notebook. Then, I typed the words into a document and everything changed.

Suddenly, I was trapped in the old Corporate world version of myself. The part of me that hated writing the annual self-review because she was taught not to brag or boast. The version of myself that felt uncomfortable talking about my own accomplishments because that’s not what good girls do. Good girls do the work and let the work speak for itself.

After staring at this screen for almost two weeks, my heart finally intervened. I decided that I’m not going to let the mind and its old conditioning tell me what’s ok to share. I’m done worrying about what others will think because I know that someone needs to hear these words.

So today, I’m sharing the words that came from my heart. Straight from my notebook. Unfiltered and unedited.

What has energy healing done for me?

A number of people have commented on how happy I am. I want you to know that this is not the result of a positive attitude and a bunch of gratitude practices or affirmations. I did the work. The dark, messy, ugly and super uncomfortable work. I faced my fears and the things that I had buried in the deepest, darkest holes in my soul.

I have cried, thrown up, experienced physical illness and raging fevers as a result of doing the work. And as uncomfortable as each moment was, it was far less painful than the long-term discomfort of carrying around what no longer needed to be contained within me.

You might be thinking that sounds terrible, and I will agree that many times it was terrible. However, let me also tell you what is possible now that I have done the work.

I’ve had experiences that were super profound. For example, in one healing session I discovered that I had been energetically carrying someone else’s backpack. I was exhausted from carrying my pack and the additional one. I realized it was a choice that I had made, and the other person didn’t even know I had taken on that responsibility. I was able to set the pack down and remind myself that it wasn’t my responsibility to pick it back up again. (note to self: be tender & continue to send love to the tender parts of me that are doing the best they can)

I’ve restored the proper energetic flow of my body. I had energy that was moving in a more challenging direction due to a blockage. The upstream flow was creating its own unique problems and physical pain.

I have released deep seated anger and other emotional wounds and traumas that had become trapped within my body. One release in particular created an intense inferno of a fever that was unlike anything else. I’m really glad that one’s over!

Clearing out all the energetic debris and unprocessed emotions and wounds has helped me to feel lighter and more expansive. It’s created space that has been filled with love, joy and other high vibrational energies.

I can manifest things like nobody’s business! In fact, I have to be super specific when I’m setting my intentions or voicing my desires. I literally get what I ask for all the time.

I am super in tune with my body and its incredible wisdom.

My gift of being an empath has strengthened considerably. I have also learned how to use this gift without becoming overwhelmed by it.

My skin is clear and less puffy/inflamed.

A vast majority of my physical pain is gone. I have a few symptoms that I am still working on, but they are nothing compared to the discomfort that I was experiencing before.

I see things differently. It is much easier for me to see the bigger picture instead of getting stuck in my mental chatter or a single perspective. The world in general is also a lot brighter and more beautiful.

I experience the flow on a regular basis. I rarely worry about the time because I always end up where I need to be when I need to be there. I have received plenty of evidence that supports this belief. Times when I’ve shown up late and wound up walking in the door at the exact same time as the person that I was meeting. Moments when I’ve left my house early and just barely made it over the train tracks before I train came through that ended up stopping and would’ve caused me to be late.

Another crazy thing that I love is when I go running, I rarely have to stop for traffic to cross the street. There is always a break that allows me to cross safely without breaking stride. I also play a fun intuitive game where I ask my higher self if I need a rain coat when I run. I’ve only been wrong once or twice, which is pretty good for being a Portland runner. I always thought this was a silly game that I enjoyed until a friend pointed out that I was predicting the weather. WOW!

I have become more powerful in my work because I’m able to hear and feel the things that are not always being said. It is a gift to be able to connect with the body when it is expressing something that is ready to be healed or released.

I know that I am on the right path. I don’t know exactly where my path will lead, and I am comfortable with that mystery. I’m even starting to feel like I might be enjoying the unknown. It’s becoming a fun game that I enjoy playing.

I am able to see signs and messages from my guides and higher self clearly. I also find it super easy to ask for guidance and receive physical confirmation within minutes.

My intuition and spiritual gifts have strengthened, and I am becoming less afraid to share them openly.

I have removed limiting beliefs and stories that were keeping me small. Releasing those restrictions and blockages have allowed me to make decisions from a place of love, trust and abundance rather than fear and scarcity.

I stopped hiding and have discovered how to stand in my power.

I’ve stopped numbing out and have found a number of high vibe experiences that I totally love.

I have a tribe of soul sisters that I love. They speak my language and make it safe for me to be myself. I love them and am so grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful souls.

My relationship with my partner has been transformed. I feel closer to him and more able to be myself than ever before. This may be hard for people to believe because we have always had an incredibly loving relationship. However, I now feel like I’m opening to a love that I didn’t even know was possible.

I trust myself and my decisions.

I speak more and am less afraid to share my truth.

I feel so much more connected and grounded.

I worry less about what others think and focus more on what feels right to me.

I no longer tolerate going through the motions or living a mediocre life.

I am super clear on my values and core desired feelings. I know where to set boundaries and have consequences for those who cross them (including myself).

I love my life. Like really really, deeply love my life. It’s not perfect and I’m still working on a couple things and that’s totally ok.

Why should you incorporate energy healing?

For the same reason that you go to a salon, the gym or the doctor. To feel better!

The difference here is that energy healing will change your life. It will change how you show up in the world and how the world interacts with you. It will empower you to be your true self and live the life you desire.

Things to know or consider.

This is subtle work. You may not notice it, but it is always working.

Just like a surgery wound doesn’t heal overnight, bigger emotional or energetic wounds may require more time to heal or fully integrate. In other words, you may need multiple sessions and an extra dose of patience. Making adjustments in the energetic realm is quick. However, the physical realm is much more dense and so it may take a little more time for you to see or feel the effects. There may be moments that you notice the shift immediately. That is very possible. I just want you to know that if you don’t see shifts right away, please don’t be discouraged. It is working whether you feel it or not.

No two sessions will ever be the same. You are not the same person energetically, so I’m not sure it’s actually even possible to replicate a certain experience a second time.

Follow your inner knowing or gut instincts. You will always know best. In fact, you already know how to heal yourself and live the life you desire. The issue is that you likely have forgotten your true power. That is ok and totally normal. Working with the right guide can help you to remember who you are and what you need to know to live your best life.

The healer, guide, teacher or coach that you resonate most strongly with will be worth every single penny because you are worth every single penny. Don’t discount yourself or your healer.

Working with a reputable, experienced and powerful healer will be a million times better than your best trip to the salon. Do your research. Ask for referrals. Ask tons of questions. And when you find your person, make the investment. Your future self will thank you for it.

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