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  • Tiffany Marlink

What if ...

What if life was actually meant to be easy?

What if I chose to grow into joy rather than away from discomfort?

What if I all I had to do was love each and every moment of my life?

These are not your typical what if questions. For most of my life, these were the opposite of the what if questions that filled my mind. The questions that I ruminated on went a little more like the what ifs below.

What if I try and fail?

What if I don't belong?

What if I'm not good enough?

Can you feel the difference between those two sets of questions. I've come to believe that "what if" can be one of the most powerful questions you ask yourself when it is used to create expansion. Expansive what ifs give your imagination space to roam. It also allows your mind to open to new possibilities. I invite you to give it a try. Explore what could be possible and see what you find.

Remember my dear. You always have a choice and I hope choose to explore what feels light and expansive. I hope you choose to believe so wildly in yourself that no fear or uncertainty can exist in your Light.


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