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  • Tiffany Marlink

What you need to know about life lessons in Earth School

Did you know that your Soul enrolled in Earth school when it incarnated here? There's a good chance you skipped orientation when you arrived (most Souls do since it's not their first time here). So, I wanted to remind you of one important little tidbit of information.

You are here to learn, grow and remember who you are (a divine being in a human space suit). You choose certain life lessons to integrate during this lifetime and the experiences you are having while here on Earth are in support of those lessons.

You don't learn a lesson once, receive a passing grade and then move on to something totally different. Your life lessons are an evolving mastery of the topics your Soul chose prior to starting its study here. This is how we spiral through our life lessons in Earth school. We start with the introductory level on the subject and then move into more the intermediate and advanced levels. Each and every level intended to support our healing and point us in the direction of a return to our truth.

If you have ever had one of those moments when you ask yourself "why is this happening again?" Please know that it is because your Soul asked for this opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes you may even experience a repeating pattern that you thought you healed. A moment when you hear yourself say "I thought I already learned or healed this!"

And to that I say, Great! So now you know exactly how to proceed for your Soul's highest good! Offer some gratitude to the Universe for giving you an opportunity to confirm your understanding as you move on to the next level of mastery. Don't get trapped in the victim state of your growth. Look at each moment as an opportunity to grow and take empowered action from your heart. Every experience you have ever lived through has prepared you to face what is before you. Continue to lean in to love, soften your heart and demonstrate your Soul's wisdom.

I'll leave you with one last little secret about Earth school. You are always on the right path and there truly is no wrong answer. For even in the moments when you "get it wrong," you are still learning and growing.


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