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  • Tiffany Marlink

You have a built in compass

The following is a channeled message from Spirt: Do not get hung up on the small things right now. This global shift in consciousness is still very focused on the bigger picture. The vision that is held in the wisdom of your heart. If you want to move in the direction of this vision, we invite you to tap into how this new earth vision feels in your body. Close your eyes. Invite the new paradigm into your awareness. Notice any shifts, changes or activations in your body. Make note of these sensations, visions, feelings or knowings. These will become your guide posts in the days ahead. When you are brought into a space of decision making, ask your body to show you the alignment of each option with your heart's vision of the new paradigm. If the sensations align with what you just experienced, move in that direction. If you experience different sensations, feel into them with curiosity. The sensations don't need to perfectly mirror what you just experienced for them to be the recommended one. Sensations that feel light, expansive or uplifting are aligned. Sensations that feel dense, heavy or constrictive are not aligned. Play with this and you will learn your body's language. Knowing that language will guide you along your heart's path.

In love and with light,

Tiffany Marlink

P.S. Remember this is a free will planet. The beauty of this life is that you can choose any path and each path will lead you to the same destination. There is no wrong path, just a variety of different experiences that you get to choose from.


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