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I offer Reiki with the following intention:

May your Soul's will be done for the highest and greatest good of all.

You are also invited to set your own intentions.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing practice that can help with stress reduction and relaxation.

It can be used for healing and support on multiple levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).


Benefits include:

Easing physical pain or discomfort

Calming anxiety or a racing mind

Infusing the heart with unconditional love

Connecting with a deeper sense of self

Aiding in the release of limiting beliefs or stories


While receiving Reiki, you may experience warmth, tingling or become super relaxed.

You do not need to DO anything in order to receive the healing.

Simply relax and allow yourself to be open to receiving the healing benefits you requested.

Sample Email Confirmation

Hello! Your Reiki is now complete.

This week I'd like to share an excerpt from Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance by Danielle MacKinnon.

Understanding & Acceptance

Working on your Soul System requires understanding and acceptance. As you begin, remember that we all have Soul Contracts. These blocks often remain hidden for decades--so perhaps you aren't as much of a screw up as you thought. Other energies at work have prevented you from succeeding. They may have pushed you to make certain bad decisions over and over again. Your Soul is perfect, wherever you are in this process. If it doesn't seem that way right now, it's because you have done things that hide that perfection from yourself.

It's time to stop beating yourself up. Stop worrying that you're never going to get it or that you weren't meant to achieve your goals. Stop feeling guilty about your past decisions. To transform your Soul System, you have to be able to turn over the responsibility, in some way, to your Soul. Accept that something is happening on a deeper level in your Soul. For example, spending your time thinking about how frustrated you feel when you keep getting into the same fights with your mother doesn't address your Soul System issues. However, saying "I think there is a Soul Contract at work here I'm going to look into it!" show progressive understanding. Once you have acknowledged that greater forces are at work--and that you are only human and allowed to make mistakes--you can start moving forward. This is all a plan to help you evolve. You're shifting your energy, making it pliable so you can do this work. When you experience acceptance, you're ready to start working.

Suggested Healing Practice:
Begin by calling on your Guide Team. If you know how to do this already, go for it. If you are unsure how to do this, you can simply say, "I am now calling on my Guide Team that aligns with 100 percent Divine Light to assist me with this work today." Use your imagination to see, hear or feel your team as they surround you to help you call the Light.

State the following Six Light Calls out loud:

  1. By the Power of Grace, I consciously state that my entire being at all levels shall be reset to wholly align with 100 percent Divine Light, now.

  2. By the Power of Grace, I consciously state that my consciousness and unconsciousness, highest self, and physical energy bodies shall be reset to wholly align with 100 percent Divine Light, now.

  3. By the Power of Grace, I consciously state that my Guide Team shall be made up of only beings that wholly align with 100 percent Divine Light, now.

  4. By the Power of Grace, I consciously state that any spiritual attachments I have created that do not align wholly with 100 percent Divine Light be released for the greatest and highest good of all, now.

  5. By the Power of Grace, I consciously state that my environment through infinity shall be reset to wholly align with 100 percent Divine Light, now.

  6. By the Power of Grace, I consciously  state that only beings, energies and experiences that wholly align with 100 percent Divine Light may be allowed within my fields, now.


You may need to repeat these calls over a series of days. In order to find out how many, take a deep breath and connect to your heart center. Ask your Soul how many days you should repeat this practice and notice the first number that comes to mind. Trust your gut instinct.

While the results are positive and life changing, the transition can be a little hairy. You may find that things that have worked for you for years suddenly fall away, and that can be very scary. Continue your work without fear. Whatever you lost will be replaced by something much better that matches your vibration.

Journal Prompts:
What patterns do I find myself repeating in my relationships?
What patterns do I find myself repeating in my work?
What patterns do I find myself repeating in regards to my body?
What are each of these patterns trying to teach me? 
What is the underlying belief that is causing me to act in this way?

Today's message may have terms or concepts that are new to you. If you have questions or if it makes no sense, please reach out to me. This is powerful work, so I want you to understand what you are learning.

With love & light
Tiffany Marlink
Intuitive Energy Healer, Coach & Facilitator


"Distance Reiki sessions with Tiffany are magical. After each session I feel calm, clear and at peace. She is a natural healer and is truly making a difference in the world."

Cherie Cox - Empowered Women Rising

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