Wisdom Circle

Powerful business support at an affordable price.

A monthly gathering for spiritual women entrepreneurs & small business owners to tackle problems, share inspiration and create meaningful collaborations. 

Our next wisdom circle will be...

Date: TBD

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Location: TBD

Are you a spiritual woman who has chosen the path of entrepreneurship to bring your gifts into this world? You are excited (and sometimes terrified) to be living your truth. You want to be making a living doing the work you love, but it's not quite happening yet. I've been in your shoes and I want you to receive the support you need to build a thriving business.

Join me and a group of soul driven business owners as we tackle problems, share inspiration, and create meaningful collaborations. We are stronger and will go further together!

I created the monthly wisdom circle so that you can receive powerful business support at an affordable price. There is no long term commitment. Show up once and receive the support you need or keep showing up for as long as it serves you.

What to expect:

Each session is semi-structure and intentional.
Be prepared to introduce yourself and your business.

We begin with a meditation to ground ourselves and clear the space.

Each woman is given an opportunity to ask for and receive guidance, resources and feedback.

This is a collaborative environment that is intended to uplift and inspire.

This is your opportunity to join a growing community that is rooted in connection, collaboration and support. Together we can shift the business paradigm.

What to bring:

An idea of what you would like help with or a question to ask the group

Your ideas, life experiences and expertise

A notebook/journal

Business cards

Ground rules:

We are curious and open hearted.

We are respectful of each individual's journey.

This is a judgement free zone (including for yourself).

We offer suggestions and recommendations by request.

We ask for what we need.


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