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Do you have a mission in your heart but can't seem to get out of your head?

You've come to the right place!

I provide healing & empowerment for heart-led entrepreneurs, healers, and coaches.

Mindset. Energetics. Spirit-led.

You didn't come here to play small.

You're here to make a difference, and it's time to start acting like it!

You're worthy of your desires.

Your voice is meant to be heard.

Your spiritual gifts are ready to lead.

Your dream is ready to be lived.

Are you ready?

This is not band-aid level inner work.

The sacred container I create holds space for true healing and transformation.

By choosing to work with me, you're committing to:

Doing the unsexy inner work
Opening your mind to new perspectives
Taking bold action even when it feels scary
Experiencing the cycles of death and rebirth
Taking full ownership of your life and decisions
Unleashing the full potential of your spiritual gifts
Showing up in the world as your most fully expressed self

Are you ready for this level of healing and empowerment?
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Trust your inner wisdom

I'm a truth speaker, not a fortune-teller.

I have a gift for identifying fears and limitations and for seeing the bigger picture of you.

I will share what I see.

I also believe you have all the answers you could ever need.
If you are ready to connect with your truth and move through limitations, that's my specialty!

If you're looking for someone to give you a strategy or blueprint to follow, I'm not your person.

You & Me - A 6 Month Journey

12 Reiki-infused Healing & Empowerment sessions

Each 75-minute session is held via Zoom (video conferencing)

Customized integration activities & journal prompts

Unlimited email support

No longer overwhelmed

"Thank you again for today! I gained so much clarity and feel so much more in flow. I'm no longer overwhelmed or confused, I'm excited and roaring ahead. You are like no other in helping me get back on track (or in this case, even find where the tracks are). You have such a remarkable intuition and heart, and your talent is a gift to those who seize it. I appreciate you and am so grateful to have you as part of my "team" (I say as a solopreneur)."

Chloe Mandell


1 payment of $3,000

6 payments of $500

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this coaching?
I am an ICF-certified life coach. However, coaching is only one of the many tools I keep in my practitioner toolbelt. You'll also experience energy healing, spiritual mentorship, practical alchemy, and intuitive guidance. I also have a gift for leading people on guided visualization journeys that often result in healing and profound clarity. Our journey together will utilize all of my skills, spiritual gifts, talents, and training.

How will I know if working with you is for me?
My clients typically have an inner knowing that guides them to me. There is something within them that says, "working with Tiffany is what I need right now." Perhaps you already have a strong feeling, and maybe it's just a tiny little wiggle of energy that still has you reading this far down the page. Book a consult with me, and let's find out! 

Have more questions?